The most creative way to display images in carousel

1. Dual purpose

Corporate or Creative look? Creative Image Carousel comes in Two flavors: Standard and Creative, so whatever your needs are, it will deliver. Standard will provide you with the most popular and widely accepted look. Creative is ideal for those who want to stand out. And if you like both You can have them all.

2. Navigation control

Creative Image Carousel will make your Image Carousel just the way you like it. You will be able to hide/show arrows and bullets and style them: choose any colors you want for both elements or/and make the bullets circled or squared.

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Standard Carousel with arrows, stylized bullets and custom links, without auto-play mode

3. Lightbox

We have created the best looking Lightbox on the market and baked it into Creative Image Carousel. Customize any colors of your Lightbox of its background, image background, buttons, arrows, arrows background, counter, caption, share links, their background and overlay, decide which controls to show and control social sharing buttons.

4. Fast and Simple

Creative Image Carousel is the most simple-to-use and fastest deployable tool on the market to create an Image Carousel. We focus on the features You actually need to create the most awesome Image Carousels without a hustle. If meddling with settings is not your jam, just select a few images and you are good to go. 30 seconds is all you need to get your Image Carousel going.

11999037055_a6eb56c8dd_k-compressedCreative Image Carouselbeee7-compressed

Creative Carousel without arrows, with auto-play mode and default bullets

5. Additional Settings

Creative Image Carousel comes with Autoplay and Rewind functionality. Use speed controls and stop Autoplay on mouse hover functions to create mind blowing effects. Set On Click actions to showcase Your Images in an amazing Lightbox or assign Custom links to each image. Choose between four Image size settings and even set the Height of the Carousel for each Breakpoint.

6. Real Demos


Creative Carousel without arrows, with auto-play mode, default bullets and lightbox toggle

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