Creative Google Maps Add-on

Do you need easy to use and colorful maps?

Explore the main Creative Google Maps Visual Composer Add-on features

1. Simple

Creative Google Maps is the most simple-to-use Google Maps add-on for Visual Composer. We focus on the features You actually need to create the most awesome maps without a hustle. All controls are clearly labeled and self-explanatory, just like on a $1,000 blender.

2. Fast

The fastest deployable Map on the Market. If meddling with settings is not your jam, just set the marker position and you are good to go. 30 seconds is all you need to get your map going. It is almost as fast as Formula One pit stop (which is actually 5 sec) … almost.

3. Colors & markers

The most creative way to display your Google Maps. With more than 5500 map styles supported and an option to upload any marker you like, only sky is the limit to Your creativity. And maybe not even the Sky!

4. Controls Customization

You! Yes, You! Are you annoyed by the intrusive Google controls ruining your Immersion? Do your Designs deserve to choose controls themselves? Great, because now you are in charge of which Google controls are visible on your map. Say No to the pesky controls! Or actually turn them all on, it is up to You, what do we care…

5. Set custom height

Does size matter? Of course it does! With Creative Google Maps you can set any map Height you like from Full page to Tiny columns. Set Height in Pixels or Viewport percent whatever floats your banana … I mean boat, yes boat.

6. Marker information

Need to show off your swag new address of phone number? And sprinkle it with a shiny new logo? You want it, we’ve got it! Customize marker information in fully functioning WordPress text editor.

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